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Dental implants have become the standard of care in restoring lost teeth. When missing teeth are not replaced, the neighboring teeth shift and supererupt, often causing food traps, unstable bites, gum disease, and new cavities. Implants help maintain the bone around them, while restoring your ability to chew just like you could prior to losing the tooth.

Consequences of missing teeth.png

In the event that all of your teeth have to be removed, you may believe that dentures are your only option. With implants, dentures can be made to "snap in" to the implant fixtures, removing some of the bulkiness and need for any adhesive to hold them in. Another option allows us to screw a hybrid denture directly into the implants, allowing you to restore all of your teeth without a denture that needs to come out at all.


At Grain Valley Family Dental, we have all the latest tools and technology to replace your missing teeth with a high success rate without any discomfort.  Put that bowl of soup aside, it's time to eat steak again!

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